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The Aurora( Aurora )

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The Aurora( Aurora )


So you see right through me
Am I really here
If I told you something
Would you even care
Would you even dare

So unexpected, this circumstance
I'm unconected
Could we take a chance

On another day
Would it be this way
I just ask myself

If I was dreaming, you'd see me
I'd be understood
But I'm just drowning, going under
Wishing you'd say we could

But if you just walk on by
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I'm only dreaming
I'm only dreaming

And I just don't wanna
Lose the moment
Leave the conversation
Hanging in the air
Oh, tell me do you care
I can walk on water
I just don't look down
I've got no intention of turning around

And it keeps on pulling me
Something I did not say
I'm falling so suddenly
and I ask myself
and I ask myself

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